Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fog in a Jar

The other day when we took the ferry, it was just the muggiest, foggiest day. The kids kept asking why we couldn't see and I did my best to explain fog, but to be perfectly frank I do think it's a little much to ask a two or even four year old to understand. We concluded it was like a cloud near the ground.

Surprisingly enough, a few days later when we went to the farmer's market we found this book:

The book was a little wordy, but in the back there was a little experiment about creating fog in a jar. The kids were super excited to try it at home! If you want to try, this is what we did:

Fill a jar with hot water.

Pour out all but one inch.

Put ice cubes on top.


We tried this a few different ways and couldn't quite get a perfect fog, but they were able to see the condensation pretty well!

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