Saturday, July 26, 2014

16 and 17 Month Update

16 Months

Things you like:
Air kicking, like the players kick in the world cup, accompanied by "pa!"
Popping balloons and saying "pop"
Climbing onto the couch and lounging
Pointing out birds and airplanes in the sky

New words:
Click- like a horse
Bam- water
Ke- yes
Bakbuk- bottle
Mira- look
Ack- Snack

17 Months

Things you like:
Hiding in little corners/away from us
Wrestling with your brother
Going through tunnels (real ones in the car, and little ones at the park)
Climbing on everything and standing on boxes
Walking down the stairs facing forward (with help)
Playing on the playground and especially the slide
Face planting onto your mattress
Playing baseball/tennis with various items+ a ball

New words:
wack- quack, like a duck
Mayim- water
Signing "eat"
Ya- yad- hand (for help getting down)
Pak- park

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