Monday, April 7, 2014

Homemade Mickey and Pluto Costumes

We recently dressed up for Purim and I asked Little N what he wanted to be. He answered with the only character he knows: Mickey. Seeing as I am all about procrastination, and I wasn't about to go buy a costume for a few hours of dress up, I got crafty and made the kids costumes. 

Mickey's ears were made out of a paper party hat I had leftover. I cut the triangle off and left just a strip at the bottom with the elastic. Then I cut some black foam and stapled it onto the party had. The white circles were just card stock attached to the shorts with a paper clip. For his shoes I just cut a piece of yellow foam that we slipped on like an anklet and they rested on top of his shoes.

I couldn't resist making Baby Brother into something matching, and after looking at my materials and some Disney pictures I decided to tackle a Pluto costume. I again used the party hat trick. I staples two pieces of yellow foam and then a couple pieces of black foam for the ears on top. The nose is a pom pom I just glued on top, and the eyes white card stock that I stapled. For his green collar I just took a little piece of green foam and paper clipped it onto his onesie.  Ta da!

The whole project took only about an hour, using scraps I had around the house and the kiddos loved them!

It was so sunny!

 Here you can see the party hat, paper clips, "anklets" etc.

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