Thursday, March 6, 2014


It was time. It was past time. After months and months of debating and delaying, facebook is out of my life. At first I was keeping it to stay connected to the expat group, but I realized there was absolutely nothing being posted that was of any use to me. The only social events had turned into charity fundraisers and just highlighted to me how different our worlds. I couldn't handle the thought of seeing  one more post complaining about a maid.
Then I was keeping it to stay in touch with friends far away, but I realized that the vast majority of those people I really want to communicate with have email or whatsapp. I did the "birthday test", removing my birthday and lo and behold all the friends that messaged me are true friends (that also have my email).
But the cow that broke the camel's back? My closest group of friends, wives of the medical school students, disintegrated to the point that we haven't been able to get together even once all semester. With that and so much of my newsfeed already hidden there was really no point and browsing became a totally waste of time.
It's been a few weeks and I haven't looked back. Living in the real (non-internet) world is very freeing, and I highly recommend it!

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