Friday, March 28, 2014

12 Months!

This was such a big and fabulous month for us! Most exciting is that we are communicating! You now wave goodbye, sign "more", "all done", and are saying your very first word "toda" (thank you) quite consistently when you want something. In general you have just been imitating both gestures and sounds all the time. It's so cute and you are quickly learning from us. On the flip side, you also tend to screech when you don't get what you want.

In the movement domain you are walking with a walker (or the large stool) or holding our hands. You seem most excited to "walk" so that you can  kick a ball or balloon. Overall though you still prefer crawling at lightning speed. Your favorite game is chasing a ball or balloon and you keep yourself entertained for quite a while doing that.

Other than balls, you are also a big fan of noisy toys, especially ones that make music, which you then dance to, bopping your body up and down or clapping you hands. Not surprisingly you also love playing instruments and have a particular affinity to the tambourine, although the maracas, xylophone and guitar also get some attention. You are interested in books and will listen to very short stories, but mostly you like to flip the pages on your own and move on from book to book. You really love going on walks but only in the double stroller, and preferably with your brother. You do not like the single stroller at all, and most of all you like being carried!

You absolutely love bath time. In particular: splashing, filling bucket and spilling, trying to "catch" the stream of water coming down and a recent game of pushing a ball underwater and watching it pop back up. Other things we are loving: you like to put toys into containers and not just take them out, you've learned how to turn on the iPod, and you've been playing really nicely with your brother.

You are now the proud owner of tooth number five. You love to eat puffs or oatmeal or frijoles for breakfast, fruit for lunch, and veggies, especially potatoes and sweet potatoes, hummus, or soup for dinner. And you blow on your food when it is too hot! Adorable. You can perfectly pick up an open cup of water and drink. You also like to start "spitting" conversations with your brother that send us into fits of laughter. Really it's not surprising, you have brought so much joy to our entire family. You melt our heart as you wave goodbye heading upstairs to the bath, and fill us with awe as we see your determination to get exactly what you want, all while keeping us entertained like it's your job. We love you beyond words!

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