Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby Brother's Balloon Themed First Birthday Party

Baby Brother's birthday was inspired by the book A Tale of Five Balloons, namely because he: loves balloon, loves popping balloons (what happen to the first four balloons in the book), and likes to wave goodbye (what happens to the fifth balloon). So maybe it was a stretch...but it gave me a little something to go off of for our decorations and everything came out just perfectly.

We kept the party small and low key: pizza, veggies, fruit, cookies, popcorn and cake. I made a little art station for the kid-guests with coloring pages from the book and stickers. And as usual we had our play pen ball pit out. But most of all we had lots of balloons to play with!

The only crafting I did was a balloon name banner and putting up his monthly pictures (that will be reused in his baby book). Baby Brother loved his cake! And the piƱata!


It was a great time and most importantly Baby Brother loved the attention, the cake, the gifts and the festive atmosphere.

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