Thursday, October 31, 2013

8 Month Update!

What a fun month we had! You're on the move, crawling on your belly like a little army commando! We've had to scramble to fine-tune our baby proofing as you clearly point out all the little hazards lurking around the house. Your new found mobility also means that you like to follow your Mommy around the house and hardly ever stay where we last left you! You've been doing pretty intense push ups and we're anxiously waiting to see if it's going to turn into a real crawl or you're going to sit up on your own.

We are discovering that you are quite fearless in your movement which results in many bumps and bruises as you try to pull up on items that are not sturdy enough, or pick up items that are a tad too big (toddler chair?!). You are just dying to walk and love being in the activity center and going round and round in a circle. When you pull up on the coffee table, we are seeing the beginning of cruising, just a few steps over to get you to the object. And you are happy to stand only holding on to one hand!

In the teething department we are happy to report that we have a tooth! Though it was a rough patch while coming in we love that little gleaming white spot. Of course, this month was marked by a bunch of new foods for you including chayote, puffs, bread, pineapple, pumpkin, hummus and white fish amongst others. You are getting really great at picking up a pre-loaded spoon and we are seeing that you're finally consuming a decent quantity of food! You've mastered pulling off your bib (with brute force), and figured out removing the top of your tray.

It seems that we can't go a month without mentioning how happy and smiley you are, and this one is no different. We're particularly enamored with the twinkle in your eye when you take off towards a coveted object. You love your older brother and look up to him so much even when he's not being so gentle, just entering his room makes you giddy! But usually he is, and it's you that bothers him: grabbing at him over the stroller median, trying to use him to stand up. Happily for now it's all in good fun. Other favorite activities this month: spinning the beads on the abacus, playing with balloons, and kicking the soccer ball in the jumper. It truly is a joy to spend the days with you and see you grow and discover what the world has to offer. We love you SO much!

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