Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Little Boy's First Day of Preschool

I mentioned earlier that I was searching for a preschool and I'm happy to say that we found one, we started, and so far I am feeling great about the decision! Let me rewind a bit: I started the search by making a list of all the options near our house within a couple mile radius. There were A LOT of options. I then looked up their websites and narrowed down to about 10 places that were a) not religiously affiliated, b) were more than just daycare. From there we made some calls, focusing on those that we got personal recommendations for. When all was said and done, after visiting the schools and ruling some out for being too academic (workbooks for 2 year olds? no thanks!), too religious (even though there was no mention on the website), too tech-y for my taste (iPads for 2 year olds? not my cup of tea), we were left with two options. My preferred school originally was a Montessori, but it was too far away to walk and the drive there would have left me sitting in traffic every morning. Considering it's only a half day, I just couldn't justify the drive.

So our final choice ended up being a small hands-on preschool that has a little of everything (arts, gym, play etc), is a 20 minute walk/3 minute drive from the house, and with teachers that made us feel comfortable and created a warm environment. I also liked that they have a suggested menu (we bring our own lunch based on a schedule so that the kids eat more of less the same but I have control of the ingredients), that they were easy going with us on the registration (I did it the day before school started), and that we found out about some acquaintances that also send their kids there. The day before Little Boy started we went to meet his teacher and I was put really at ease finding out that she likes to emphasize the same things I was hoping for: socialization and independence.

After all that, there's not much to say about the first day. Little Boy had a great time, came home tired but happy, and was excited to go the next day. We still have an adjustment period ahead of us as the day was a little long for him and I still need to streamline our morning routine. All in all though I'm excited for some one-on-one time with Baby Brother and having some time to tackle projects around the house when he's napping!

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