Friday, August 23, 2013

6 Month Update!

I'm going to sound like a broken record but you are such a HAPPY and BIG baby! You've been sitting nice and stable for most of the past month and you are ready to move! You lunge forward (generally landing flat on your face) and make huge efforts to get toys that are out of reach. If I glance away for a minute I can pretty much guarantee that you will not be in the same position that I left you. When I set you down in the chair, you instantly sit up and start rocking yourself and reaching for items all around you. You push with all your might and are trying so hard to stand up- it's a borderline obsession!

You love being outside: watching the trees, pulling at the grass, observing the people and activity around you. You give free smiles at all times: even when you are tired or teething, to strangers and loved ones alike; your smiles are a ray of sunshine to anyone that glances your way. That said, you are very much a Mommy's boy and miss us at night if we're not by your side. You have already learned that sometimes you need to make a fuss to get attention, but that's just how things go.

Just before your cumple-mes, we finally let you try some sweet potato. You could not get over your giddiness and how happy you were to finally join us at dinner instead of smacking your lips out of annoyance. It is already evident that you have great self-feeding skills and they're only going to get better. Happy half year my darling!

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