Monday, August 12, 2013

5 Month Update!

My baby is getting so big, so fast. This is probably the month with the biggest changes in babyhood- from one sleepless night to the next our smiley yet static infant became a smiley baby: one with a twinkle in his eye that sees the world in a whole new light. You've started moving in whole new ways, interacting with us with a whole new understanding, possessing a fierce desire to learn and explore.

You started off this month by rolling over (tummy to back). It's still not a skill you've mastered but you certainly have the strength to do it if you so please and like hanging out on your tummy now. About half way through you found your legs (and felt the need to check they were still there in the middle of the night). Most recently you have started doing crunches and can sit yourself up from a reclined position.

We took you to a couple museums and realized that you really love art! You are incredibly interested in looking at books- both the words and the pictures hold your interest. You also love baby-music and being outside in nature. But most of all you are interested in putting everything in the mouth! How fun it is discovering the world with you! We love you little one!

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