Thursday, July 18, 2013

Little Boy's Fish Themed 2nd Birthday Party

If there's one thing Little Boy loves more than anything it's water! Agua! Mayim! He can't get enough! So as soon as we knew we would be Stateside for his birthday, I started planning a little pool party for the kiddo! His two favorite "things" this past year were balls and fish, so a little fish-themed pool party seemed like the obvious way to go. I'll save you the suspense- it was a big success. Here are some of the details:

Invite- I took a picture of our aquatic stuffed animals on our play mat and then edited on PicMonkey.

Food- Our fish themed goodies were: Goldfish, skittles on a fish shaped plate, "fish in water" (swedish fish in blue jello), and a fish-shaped birthday cake. We also had fruit, veggies, chips and a beach-ball cake for M since it was a joined party.

Decor- This was pretty easy- pictures of Little Boy from the last year in the shape of a two, and foam fish cut-outs that I bought for 10 pesos (80 cents).

Entertainment- The pool! It was so easy and so perfect! We bought some extra floaties to have for people.  (We also bought a little blow up pool just in case but all the kiddos wanted to be with their parents in the big pool).  And a fish piƱata to close out the party.

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