Thursday, June 20, 2013

23 Months!

This update is going to be a quick one because it's already so late! The past month you began declaring that everything would be done by "Nom". Close the door. Open the door. Put the keys in the door. You get the idea. It has been great and frustrating but we are trying to give you as much leeway as possible. You consistently surprise us with how aware you are of everything. Like the time you went downstairs to get the telephone and bring it back to us- craziness! Or when you pick up Mommy's used contacts box and pretend to put them in your eyes- hilarity! You've become a much better jumper and like to show us your yoga pose. The happiest advance, though, is that you are potty trained!

The language explosion continues and you learn more and more words every day. At this point there are too many to name, but the focus has definitely been on names of foods and things that are useful to you in your everyday life. You can also answer little questions now- so when asked what food you like most (and we name a bunch of them to give you ideas) your answer is "glida" (ice cream)- which you use interchangeably with popsicle. It's good that we've been making you (healthy) homemade popsicles! The other emphasis has been on shapes, in particular when you are drawing. But if we had to choose one saying to epitomize this last month it would be "od paam"- again (for everything fun)!

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