Sunday, May 5, 2013

22 Months!

The biggest and most exciting change we saw this month is that you really got the hang of playing independently! In that sense giving you a baby brother has been such a blessing. You really self direct well and play nicely outdoors and now indoors as well (especially cleaning- you love it!). Of course it is a mixed bag because you have no problem following random strangers at the park (scary!) but you are so quick to make friends it is a pleasure to watch your magic.
Similarly, you have decided to go up and down the stairs on your own terms. One minute you're behind the couch and the next you are upstairs playing. This can be nice when you are being helpful but makes it much harder to make sure you stay out of trouble. The other thing you learned how to do is jump with both feet in the air! It is still not 100% but you are definitely doing it.

This month you started getting into the groove of the Big Brother thing! You have been exceedingly helpful when I ask you to bring me a burp rag or a diaper (loved the time you told me not to go upstairs to change your brother and instead found me a diaper under the stroller), you encourage him during tummy time and are generous with your kisses. It is a joy!
On the other hand, sometime you still want to be a baby yourself: asking to be changed on the changing pad or to nurse in the middle of the day. We have totally stopped the potty training and are letting you lead us on the days you feel you want to be a big kid.

On the communication front you continue copying us all the time. You have too many new words to record them all, but some of the new most frequent words are: Tut (strawberry), Yam (beach...ever since we went to the beach), Niño (you will do anything we ask if the result gets you to play with niños), Barco (boat, again since our trip), Moneda (coin, you are obsessed and like carrying one around with you, especially if you get to use it to pay a real vendor), Bowl (for cereal), Od & Más ( we need to work on please), Po (here, and you show us with your finger the very exact location you want us to be), Bo (come), Ging-ji (your word for berries/seeds or anything that look like idea where it came from but we love it), and Purple (in English).
You have had one of the smiliest months yet; it seems you are always laughing and giggling at something. I attribute it to finally having two incisors break through and giving you a break from the months-long teething. That, and the fact that Mommy has Lele (leche) again, seem to make you a happy toddler.

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