Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2 Months Update!

The highlight of this month was most definitely that you started smiling! Your toothless grins just make our hearts melt. Overall you are a very calm baby. You enjoy just looking up, being walked around and the breeze of the wind outdoors. Most of all, you are a happy camper when in our arms. With your fists you grip with all your might to our clothes and hair, making sure to hang on tight. We keep joking that you wish you were an African baby because if you were never put down you wouldn't have any reason to cry.

You are a nursing champ! You feed often and well during the day earning you the nickname "Hungry Fat Kid". Of course it's all in good fun, because you are such a sweet lovable baby and we cannot get enough of your beautiful dark blue wide-eyed stares. Because you eat so well during the day, most of this month we got a nice long stretch of about 6 hours of sleep before your first wake-up at around 4 a.m. You are such a cuddle-bug and we cannot cherish your babyhood enough! Love you with all our hearts!

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