Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby Brother's First Vacation

It took us two and a half months before we left town with Little Boy. This time around it took 6 weeks. Of course, timing is everything and the yearly exodus to the beach left us wanting to join the crowds. So we did. And It. Was. Fabulous! Little Boy had the best time* and could play all day in the water if we let him; Baby Brother decided to start sleeping 6 hour stretches (and because he wishes he was from an African tribe, being held in our arms all day made him a very happy camper). M and I truly enjoyed every minute staring at our amazing view. We both needed a break from the city and routine and this little trip gave us all the confidence we needed to keep enjoying life on the road**. Ok, enough raving. Pictures:

*Logistically, Cuddlebug #1 was also super happy because he got to sleep on a big bed with his Daddy (this meant all of us went to bed at the same time and the kiddo needed a couple of days to recover when we came home, but it was worth it).

**The only actual difficult part of the trip was getting to the beach which took about 7 hours instead of 4...yeah.

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