Monday, April 1, 2013

21 Months!

This month we couldn't help but consistently comment that you've become a monkey. Monkey see, monkey do. You climb anything and everything. And you're finally able to get up on the couch by yourself. You also  go up and down the stairs completely on your own. In the verbal sense you try to repeat every.single.thing we say. For the most part if one doesn't know what you're saying then it's still somewhat difficult to decipher, but the effort is definitely there. It is to the point where you try to summarize your day for me before bed with a combination of gestures and "words".

There are a few words though that have entered pretty regularly into your vocabulary: nana (Mama, still evolving and now getting much more use thought the day), Buh (your brother and also what you now call your baby doll), eesh (man), we-lo (hielo),  doc-to (doctor), da (yad, hand, for assistance), pa-ta (pasta, which you now request from the pantry), and rueda (wheel).

We are also seeing some changes that seem to be coming out of frustration with more time at home, less direct attention, and frustration at not bring able to communicate that well. We've seen our share of throwing, hitting, and even some biting. It is always followed up by lots of sweetness: hugs and kisses to everyone, especially to Buh, but it is quite frustrating nonetheless. The other difficulty we've had is a complete regression with potty training. Not only have you stopped signing, but you're also fighting diaper changes. We're hoping that all these things sort themselves out as you get used to being a big brother and keep developing language skills.

Speaking of big brother: you have been doing amazingly well in helping around the house and really acting like a big kid. You now put laundry in the hamper, and even sort by color! You have also been helping to mop, throw things away, wash the car and bring us various items from around the house. You are mostly very sweet and change and burp your baby doll while helping us do the same with your brother. It is so amazing to see you together and just make us full of love for you both!

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