Thursday, March 21, 2013

20 months!

As expected, the arrival of Baby Brother has meant it is much tougher to keep up with blogging. I'll keep aiming for once or twice a week, but two under two is no joke and in the hierarchy of things to do with my free time eating and sleeping are winning! 

Little Boy at 20 months

This month was quite wonderful in that we kept to our usual schedule, one that you know and love. You still love a lot of the same activities as in previous months: playing soccer, cooking (tasting) with Mommy, playing in the car "driving", playing with water, reading lots of books, and just generally being a character. Your newest obsession has been with buckling buckles any place you can and you've gotten pretty good at it. You are also turning into a little monkey, climbing everywhere, and inevitably falling some of the time. You are a pro at your gymnastics class and playgrounds in particular are more exciting now, but any piece of furniture will do!

We also had some big big accomplishments and changes this month. We transferred you to a big boy bed- a twin mattress on the floor, and apart from a few falling off incidents, it went really well! The other huge accomplishment is that we can pretty much say you are potty trained for poop! You tell us when you have to go, we run to the bathroom, read books, and you go. It has us very encouraged for the next phase. And we're hearing some new and useful words: na (Mama, which you now use to call me pre-bedtime), baba (Papa), ra-dio, backpack, buba (bubbles), nene (Bebe) and you managed to sneak in a name for your new baby brother- Bo! What a ride; we are so excited to see what's in our future. Love you!

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