Friday, February 22, 2013

Second Time Around: The Third Trimester- Part 2

Week 34- The belly button could not be any more stretched out. And it hurts.

Week 35- It's sad when you need to retire maternity pants and you're still pregnant. That is all.

Week 36- Kicking near the ribs (the first time I have felt that, ever really). More frequent Braxton-Hicks. Still obsessing over coconut water.

Week 37- Feeling HUGE. We saw two doctors this week (old and new). Baby Brother is estimated at 3 kilos, fluid levels looking good. Insane back pain. Baby is posterior and I'm doing everything I can to turn him around.

Week 38- Went from trying to get everything done mode to don't want to do anything mode. Seriously bad back pain at all hours of the day. In good news, the kiddo flipped around and everything is still looking good. The ultrasound tech estimates I still have another 2 weeks or so.

Week 39- Evening nausea and fatigue is setting in. Time to SLOW DOWN. Some crampiness. There's no more room in there!

Week 40- I am scheduling this post to post because, you know, it's time. If I have not given birth yet, I'm sending an eviction notice.

38 weeks

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