Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Percussion Obsession

It all started last week when we went to the Children's Museum and snuck into the unmanned music room. Normally reserved for kids over the age of seven, we let Little Boy try his hand at a drum set. It was love at first bang and the kid was hooked. Later that week, we were looking for a short afternoon activity, when we found out that an African drumming group was giving a free show at the local mall. The earlier enthusiasm convinced us to head over, and Little Boy sat mesmerized for the entire hour-long show. It was to the point where he was fake hitting drums and getting annoyed when the guys were talking and not playing! By some crazy coincidence, the following day we went into a different mall to order our glider and outside of Sears we encounter a xylophone show. Since then Little Boy plays with his drums (real and improvised alike) on a daily basis. He likes them nice and orderly and makes sure to tell us ba-ba-ba-pa-pa-pa when he need some help getting his set together.

 at the children's museum

African drumming group

at the mall, xylophone show

his set-up, it's daily drumming around here

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