Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year 2013

 Here's a joke for you: how do a medical student, a 7+ month pregnant woman and a toddler celebrate New Year's Eve? If it's not obvious, our celebration was VERY low key. Little Boy went to bed as usual. Actually it was not too hard to put him down even though lately he has been procrastinating bed time. M was studying and I made appetizers for dinner. Then we settled on the couch to watch streaming episodes and waiting for CNN coverage of the ball to drop! Then I did some laundry and read a book until midnight our time and went to bed at 12:15. At least we made it to midnight... :)

top center clockwise: fruit plate, virgin sparkling sangria, home-made sushi (veggie & cooked salmon), 5 layer dip (beans, cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole), crostini (brie & blackberry jam, olive tapenade, tomato, parsley, olive oil), olives

In some weird twist of fate, in our Mexican it-doesn't-rain-here City, where every.single.thing is outdoors, it was raining! New Year's Day we tried to go to the children's museum, but it was closed! (Even though it said it would be open on both their website and their phone recording!) We subsequently drove around to every restaurant with a play space that we could think of...and everything was closed! We ended up in a deserted mall, where Little Boy enjoyed the decorations and walking around unhindered. He mounted the empty non-functioning train, and managed to grab a balloon that was taped outside a store. Ah well, at least one of us thought that was a great time!

We ended the day with a blockbuster run and popcorn for dinner. The little guy thought it was divine!

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