Monday, January 28, 2013

19 Months!

This past month turned out to be quite a bit more agreeable than the previous one, even though you have mastered the shaking of the head: no, no, no!

We definitely noticed that you are eating less and are more picky. You spit out food for any number of reasons: the flavor is wrong, the texture is wrong, the temperature is wrong. Yet you sort of eat in waves and those big days seem to make up for the more choosy ones.

We spent lots of time reading this month, and you request book after book, bringing them to us to be read on the couch, on the potty, before bed and just at random times as well. Your other favorite activities have been building towers (and knocking them down), kicking and throwing balls, and an obsession with musical instruments, particularly drums!

You are climbing like a pro, up stairs and ladders, at the park to go down the slide, and generally testing your limits at climbing furniture. You are such a character and love to put on a show for anyone that will entertain your shenanigans.

So much progress in the language department: you understand Hebrew and Spanish perfectly, can identify pretty much any object, understand directions and have a wide array of animal sounds. Your words, though, are understood by us and pretty much no one else. That's ok. We are so in love with every new phase of yours and this one is no different!

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