Monday, December 31, 2012

18 months!

You got so big this month and we got a preview of the months to come. Physically you grew a lot because apparently you are intent on being in the "correct" sizes shoes and clothes (22 and 18-24, respectively). This means that you can reach just about everything (albeit on your tippy toes)- from the kitchen counter to all the door handles, making you slightly more dangerous, to us and yourself alike.

We're seeing the beginning of some changes: you are still "bossy" and like to make sure we follow routines to the T, but now you've added a shaking head and protest multiple times a day. We can minimize this by preparing you for moving on to the next activity, but sometimes it's inevitable, especially when we have to leave a fun activity.

Overall you've gotten a bit destructive: sometimes it's funny when you're knocking over a huge tower of blocks, other times not so much. You've had an on and off case of mamitis. You have also mastered the Ikea allen wrench and have managed to partially disassemble our living room chair! And you seem intent on climbing up on anything and everything- a couple more centimeters and you will be big enough to do it! *

We've also had lots of fun enhancements to your personality: a new fake laugh that is so big and loud that it makes us laugh if we weren't already, stomping with your feet out of excitement, or going "brrrr-brrrrr" with your lips when you know you are being silly. Your dance moves have also gotten a lot more intricate and involve arms, butt and feet!

It seems you understand everything, even quite complicated directions, but complying is a matter of will! You will say lots of words once and then they disappear not to be heard again. You did start saying "bubble" quite consistently when asking for bubbles in your bath! One activity that you love is cooking with Mommy (and tasting at every step along the way). You still love reading books (more and more) and cuddling as always!

*It was one of those destructive days on your 18 month birthday that didn't allow a photo shoot. Oh well!

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