Monday, November 5, 2012

Trick or Treating Mexican Style

It was Wednesday night, and Little Boy was so confused: why were we getting dressed up again after dinner time? (Usually we play soccer before bath and bed). Then he went outside and saw the kids and started taking it all in. He was excited to be out, that's for sure!

All the kids of our coto (gated community) met up to go trick-or-treating together as one group. They went to the first house and yelled:

Queremos Halloween! Queremos Halloween! Si no nos dan dinero, hacemos cochinero!

And our kiddo got in line with all the other kids, to collect his candy, which was being handed out by the handful. For the rest of the night he was enthralled: he kept his costume on the whole time, held his bucket tight, tight, tight even when it was totally full and getting heavy, and tried to join in the chants with his adorable baby babbles.

Because it is Mexico, when all the candy-giving houses had been visited, we went to one last house for a piƱata! It was getting late for the kiddo, though, so we said good night and took our little clown home.

When it was all over, he was so happy and excited! Daddy helped him dump and sort the candy (lots of chile and tamarindo sweets) and he even made off with a (wrapped) lollipop as we went upstairs for a late bath.

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