Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October 2012 Week 4 & Change

I was definitely losing steam for this last batch and of course I'm about a week late posting them, but better late than never, right?

22- Bokeh- I should probably call this one "blurry" more than anything. I don't really know how it happened because I was using my phone and the kiddo was sliding down a slide, but I still like it.

23- Dark- Must be dark under there! Little Boy found a lucha libre mask first thing in the morning!

24- Black and White- The Mr. loves sitting on the counter top where he can see exactly what we're doing in the kitchen. I believe he is eating a fresh flour tortilla. Yum!

25- Bright- Afternoon sun at a park we frequent quite often. The thing here is that the playground is almost always on a cement platform. Why? Don't ask me. Stupid? I say yes. Nevertheless, Little Boy loves playing with the see-saw!

26- New- We went out to brunch at a place where we hadn't eaten before and had a very new to us drink: strawberry sorbet that we poured club soda on. Yummy! And that was basically the only thing Mr. Knows Exactly What He Wants wanted to have!

27- Old- I can't believe we did it, but we revived our old costumes (from our first year dating!) for Halloween. This was taken as we were getting dressed for the night.

28- Hard- Dude, catching water on a flat plate in order to transfer into a bin is hard! I never ceased to be surprised by the complicated tasks this kid comes up with.

29- Hope- This gives me hope that one day we will be potty trained, and in the meanwhile at least someone looks cute.

30- Goal- One of the many times we were playing with blocks, I was able to construct something a little orderly. I hope to find many more moments of peace and quiet this next year, and am going to make it a goal moving forward.

31- Self Portrait- first thing in the morning with my little bug.

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