Friday, November 30, 2012

17 Months!

Two words to describe the kiddo: Big Boy. That was the theme of the month. You've decided that you're big, and would like to do everything exactly like we big people do it. You feed yourself with very little help from us. You drink from a big cup, preferably glass. You walk up (and down?! almost) the stairs standing upright, supporting yourself with the wall. Dare we try to lend a hand, we will be shooed away. You clean up messes with a rag, or a broom, and put your found trash in the trash can. You remind me to water our plants. You're the one that points to your sleep sack when you're ready for bed, waits at the bottom of the stairs to go up  for your bath, and lets us know that it's time to change your diaper. You prefer to walk or push the stroller rather than sit in it. You request to be seated on the bench at the park, the couch at home, and a non-boostered dining chair from time to time. You turn on the music to dance and want to use a pick to "play" the guitar.

And still, on the other hand, you are our baby. You love your cuddles and snuggles. You hug your sleep dog tight and fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves like you have since you were 3 months old. You point to bugs that seem scary, or to places you want to go but are unsure of to get a nod for permission or a helping hand. You're exploring the world outside with eyes that are seeing everything for the first time: autumn leaves, peeling tree trunks, weeds emerging from the grass, sticks that come in so many different shapes and sizes, and dirt that can be moved, dug, thrown and mixed in a never-ending number of combinations.

Things we're working on: extending your independent play time. Usually we can get 5-10 minutes and we're working on not calling us for every little (tiny) thing. The potty: signing before is still pretty hit or miss depending on how "busy" you are, and we probably need to help you make a big push in the right direction in the next month or two. That said, you are more interested in sitting on the toilet (see" big boy, above). Climbing: you're becoming pretty good and your days in the crib are numbered. You can hoist yourself up part way and we're going to need to prevent vaulting before it becomes a reality. Talking: while we understand you and the many intonations you can give "ba", "doo" and "nan" we are ready for real words (although not worried, since you are mastering 3 languages at once).

For the most part, you have been a joy this past month. Most meltdowns are a direct result of hunger or fatigue, so we try to keep you well fed and well rested and in return you provide us with moments of laughter and AWE. As long as your requests are reasonable, we try to accommodate them. You're quite meticulous about things being exactly right, and while at times it is difficult, mostly it is nice to see you are SO aware of how we do things. We love that you're loving books and actually listening to the stories. You have a great self-awareness of just how funny you can be and it's such a pleasure to be entertained by your silliness. You're so social and friendly to everyone it is hard not to be happy around you.

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