Monday, October 22, 2012

October 2012 Week 3

This week I decided to not worry about using my camera. The most important thing is that we are all healthy and that I am documenting little moments of our life. We only have a few short months left as a family of three and I want to be sure I'm not missing anything (especially since I still have the energy to enjoy it)! So with that said, here we go:

15- Accomplishment- We've been working on stacking blocks ever since we came home with a new Jenga set from the tianguis (market) last week. This was the first and only time the kiddo stacked 6 blocks. We think it was pretty much a fluke but we are still very proud of the munchkin!

16- Edible- This was our dinner: lentil and rice enchiladas. I find it a lot of work, but at least it makes a large dish that lasts us for a few meals. And it's yummy!

17- Shadow- This would be me a 21 weeks and change. I have been horrible about taking bump pics this time around, so another one of these will do.

18- Corner- This is the corner of our patio with our water bridge contraption. Little Boy loves playing out here and would stay for hours on end if we let him. Favorite accessories include: a baby wash bottle, a funnel, a cup and a sponge. His favorite, is when I leave the water running for him!

19- Noise- If you don't realize this is noise, you have obviously never heard wooden blocks being thrown into a metal tin. Over and over and over again.

20- Nature- We are outside a lot, but I am super proud of our little potted plants indoors because for the first time (ever pretty much), they are thriving under my care. All these flowers bloomed in the past week! The thing that help a lot, I think, is that we've decided to "go Montessori" and give the kiddo real tasks to help out around the house; one of them includes watering the plants.

21- Air- We went out for brunch this morning, and while we sat inside, I was thinking how pretty these lights would be with a bit of swinging from a gust of air.

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