Monday, October 15, 2012

October 2012 Week 2

This week was one of the roughest we have had in such a long time. Baby Boy got a very high fever and what turned out to be a throat infection. To top it off, he also got another tooth, so it hurt him to chew and swallow. Less food= less energy= more whining= more being picked up by Mommy=more back aches for me. Things seem to be picking up, but we're still not completely out of the woods. So this week will be some more iPhone pics.

8- Close-up- Poor Baby Boy was so sick and feverish, he just wanted to be held all day.

9- Upside down- We went outside for a bit of fresh air but Baby Boy, as usual, wanted to get out of the stroller. He was too weak though to run around so he just stood there. As sad as this picture makes me (you can tell he lost some weight), I love that you can see that he is sucking his thumb through the shadow.

10- Favorites- Even when he's not feeling well, the kid has his priorities straight, and he absolutely loves Daddy's bug! The best is when he gets to "ride" in the passenger seat while Daddy parks the car.

11- From up high- Keeping with the same theme, the kid is obsessed!

12- Hands- Perhaps not the greatest picture, but kiddo still wasn't at 100 percent. Post bath he is usually much more animated than this lying still picture might imply.

13- Seat- The one good thing about spending lots of time at home, was lots of time on the potty. Obviously this was taken (late) when he was feeling better. Sometimes I think he just signs "potty" so that he can get a story read, but I've already learned to never ignore the sign, so we go with it.

14- Silhouette- In the end I love how this came out (with a little help from Instagram magic). I was aiming for a more classic side pose, but it just wasn't working out, so it's a good alternative.

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