Monday, October 8, 2012

October 2012 Week 1

Here's the round-up of pictures from the first week. The plan was to use the pictures to improve my skills with my new lens (50mm 1.8) but alas, iPhone pictures will have to do for this week. Maybe next week I'll be more inspired for something more artsy. For now, our first week of October:

1- Self Portrait- Me at 19 weeks...captioned "lookin' fat":

2- Fashion- There's only one person in our household that gets new clothes every season. Guess who? We'll call it "playground chic"...The mister is also sporting his second pair of shoes! Already?!

3- Home- Our doorway, the rustic Mexican style that I have a love/hate relationship with. Love for the style, hate for the rustic functionality! Every time we come home Baby Boy say "mama". Currently (almost) everything is "mama". He's trying so hard to talk, but success is limited. At least I still understand him.

4- Love- I am so so so lucky that Baby Boy is such a cuddlebug. Here he was being extra sweet and blowing me a kiss:

5- Sunset- This one was so hard! Guess who goes to bed during sunset every single day? But I managed to run outside and snap this really quickly. It is one of my favorite spots, where I used to walk out to when I needed a breath of fresh air. Since Baby Boy came around I come here a lot less frequently, but in this moment it was as magical as ever.

6- Animal- Alright, this is a bit of a stretch, because I have some great animal pictures from this week, but haven't yet uploaded them from the good camera. Kiddo decided he needed a snack at that very moment (post M's soccer game, pre-going home, on the middle of the field) and to subsequently stuff his face (with dried strawberries, he picked out of my bag) and lick every last finger.

7- From a distance- So sad for us, Baby Boy got an unexplained fever and was all poor-babyish, hence no clothes. He seemed so far away watching him on the monitor, even though we were one wall away from each other.

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