Friday, October 19, 2012

Luxury Baby Items

I use the term luxury to refer to items that I don't think are absolutely necessary in our case. They are not necessarily expensive or extremely high quality.
In no particular order:

The Snugabunny Swing- We didn't have a swing with BB1 but many nights I was a human swing. With two boys around an extra pair of "hands" might come in useful. In Mexico these cost an arm and a leg though, so unless I find a used one or we have room in our luggage to bring one back, this might not happen.

Glider- I didn't have one for BB1 and obviously I survived. During the day I have no problem sitting on the couch. At night though, I was not comfortable nursing in bed. Inevitable I would end up sitting at a desk chair which was less than ideal. Definitely something I need to consider.

ErbaOrganics Baby Body Wash- The smell of this is heavenly. The price, not so much. We got a sample size as a gift for BB1 and I dream about getting more. Thinking about it...

Baby Bjorn Babysitter Bouncer- I would love to do a minimal amount of moving around baby gear when I am home with both kiddos on my own. So while I absolutely love the Infant to Toddler rocker that we got for BB1, I would love this nifty addition, so that I could keep one on each floor.

Wabbanub pacifier- I don't know if BB2 will also have a strong suck reflex like his older brother, but apparently there is a genetic component. I would like to give pacifiers another go this time around and hopefully prevent having to wean two boys off their thumbs.

Pottery Barn hooded towel- Necessary? probably not. But I have heard great things about these, and the two towels we had for BB1 are not in the best shape, at least appearance wise. I actually doubt I will end up buying these.

Let's be honest, I do hope we have the funds/luggage space to buy most of these. But I'm not holding my breath.

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