Wednesday, October 31, 2012

16 Months!

This month was all about communication! You want to talk so bad, but can't quite figure out how to get those sounds coming out right. We still understand a lot of what you say though.  Your biggest verbal success has been adding "gras"- gracias! It's a good one! Our other favorite has to be nodding "yes". It makes questions on our end a lot more satisfying when we get a response.

You been signing really well, real signs and other ones you picked up from songs and just watching us. Some of your favorites are arms spread out to signify "airplane" (a surprising amount fly over our house and you have made us very aware of this), hands by your tilted head to signify "sleep" (love that you understand what nap/bed time are all about), and two arms up by your ears for "goal" (you still love, love, love playing soccer).

Another success is that you're finally using the potty sign to signify "potty"! A majority of the times, it still comes too late, and when you get to the potty you point at your diaper to say "I already went". But usually we can get a couple of catches every day! We make a very big deal out of it, and even though we know it is a process that will probably take a few more months to perfect, it is so nice to see you making advances.

Physically you keep getting bigger, taller, stronger and more agile. You can officially dribble the ball- keep kicking it in motion without stopping to reset. You want to jump really badly, but end up just moving your feet in place really fast or getting "stuck" in the knees-bent position. And you love to accelerate when there's something worth the effort.

A few more notes: You love blocks and stack them really well. You are still a nature/stick/dirt/rock/bug lover. You like to pick out your own food from an open fridge. You had cereal with milk for the first time, and are starting to eat meat (I think the teeth help). You're up to 8 teeth. And you can feed yourself really well with a spoon (things like rice, and barely any ends up on the floor). One more sign to end: you have been blowing kisses and figured out how to pucker your lips to make an actual kiss sound. It is so adorable and just one of the many reasons we love you and can't get enough of your little shenanigans.

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