Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Second Time Around: The First Trimester

About a week after the hpt incident, I was able to get an appointment with an OBGYN who confirmed the pregnancy (7 weeks) and then we told my parents. But until then....longest.week.ever. I'm not sure why but the nausea was much worse this time around, add to the fact that we were spending time with lots of different people and going out to eat all the time- the smells were just unbearable. We went to a wedding, and from the whole of the buffet, I managed a slice of bread and plain rice. Luckily we didn't know anyone there other than the bride and groom so it was a non-issue.

Another week later, and we were on our Florida trip. As soon as we got in town, we told my in-laws, and they were happy to facilitate my lying on the couch/beach chair by taking care of Baby Boy for significant parts of the day. Even though I had not planned on being pregnant on our double vacation, it might have been a blessing in disguise because M was able to take over a lot of my normal duties.

Differences the second time around:

  • My sister and my grandmother totally called me out, before we even told them- I guess you do get pudgy real quick the second time around!
  • Reflux starting before the morning sickness was over- not fair!
  • More back pain and significantly more uncomfortable than I was at this point last time around.
  • Carrying Baby Boy is hard. He feels really heavy, so I try to avoid having to go up and down stairs with him too often.
  • Re: above- I can't lay on the couch all day because I have a toddler.
  • My breasts are less tender but nipples more so because Baby Boy is still nursing.
  • I'm more relaxed about the whole pregnancy.

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