Monday, September 3, 2012

Here we go again...

A couple of catch-up posts now that we're public!

It started with a passing wave of nausea, then another and another. I looked at my calendar and whoops shouldn't Aunt Flo have been here over a week ago? That's what happens when you're on summer vacation. So a couple days later we went to the pharmacy to stock up on things. M complained that I was taking too long and please just take Baby Boy back out into the mall and he would wait at the register and pay. We did and nothing; M did not say a single word about the home pregnancy test he had just paid for.

So I decided we would keep the silence until I had some answers. The next morning, after a totally unsurprising positive, I tell M I left him a gift in the bathroom. He thought it was of the stinky type and didn't go in, and kept sleeping.
After Baby Boy and I had had breakfast we went back up to wake up Daddy and he finally went into the bathroom. But nothing.
Did you see the gift I left you?
What gift?
The one on the counter.
[walks back in]
OMG, for real????
Yeah (duh)...I thought you had seen the test yesterday when you paid for it.
No I didn't notice. OMG

So here we are. The nausea, the fatigue, the hiding, the secret appointment.

**written June 30th

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