Monday, September 24, 2012

15 Months!

What a great month this was for you! This month you learned to be silly! While you've always been willing to do just about anything for a bit of attention, you somehow became aware of just how funny you can be and you make yourself laugh just as you do everyone else. You get this twinkle in your eyes that is just irresistible. Some of your current favorites are peekaboo on Skype (where you crouch down so the camera can't see you and then stand back up),  putting on mommy's sunglasses and spinning yourself dizzy (because you learned how to spin)! You will also randomly lie down or lean back into a "fall", you love "knocking down" Mommy into the floor, and you love to be Daddy's "bull" running straight into a yellow handkerchief. You've also really started moving your feet as you dance; it's so cute!

Physically, you've gotten so confident walking. You can now walk up a pretty steep hill to leave our coto and even on the downhills you're pretty confident though you won't refuse a helping hand. You can just about run and it's most definitely adorable with your butt quickly toddling from side to side. Speaking of downhills, you officially know how to go down the stairs! We tried to teach you going backwards but you just weren't having it, and eventually we taught you the sitting method: sit on stair, scooch legs down to next step, stand and then repeat.

Your fine motor skills have also gotten really good. You can put coins in a money box with ease, you love putting caps on bottles, and you can feed yourself quite well with both a fork and a spoon!

You've been communicating exceedingly well. You took the "ze" (this) that you've been using for a while and expanded it to "et ze" (this one) which you use with a pointing finger to designate exactly what you want! You also starting signing back "more" (although it's a funny little finger pointing at an open hand) and that has pretty much replaced the high pitched food whimper you had going on for a while. Needless to say, you use it I am quite sure your stomach is a bottomless pit. You also sign "potty" although we have yet to actually get you to use it when you use the sign, so it's a work in progress. And of course you raise your open hands to be lifted up; there are things you just have to see up in adult land!

You've also started applying words you know to a large variety of situations. For example, "bye" you will say when you leave, when someone else leaves, when someone walks by, when a car drives by, when we flush the toilet, and when we put something in the trash. It's really quite amazing the connections that you make!

You've become a big fan of routines. When you're hungry you ask to be put in your booster seat. Then you want your tray, and then you reach for your bib. Then we can move on to food. When you first get up in the morning you have to cuddle with Mommy and then you must put on music and then you have to get down on the floor, have some of Mommy's water and then you're ready to destroy our bedroom. After bath time you brush your teeth (we're up to 6 now) and Daddy dresses you. Then you must read the train book Triquitraqui before Mommy comes in.

Speaking of books, we are slowly getting better at sitting through a whole book! Most days we read several in a row, but your current favorites are the ones with no storyline, just photographs and us telling you what things are called and describing the pictures. We also started gymnastics this month and I think it's really helping you follow directions a little better. Of course you love running off at every opportunity, but you're becoming so much more cooperative with following the little tasks. All in all, I can not complain about this month: you're playing well independently in your incessant exploration of everything, you're mostly cooperative with our schedule, and you bring us so much laughter and joy! I can't express just how much love you have brought into our lives!

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