Friday, August 3, 2012

Our Vacation

So you've heard about the flight, and the sleep, but what about the rest, right?

This summer we went to Israel! It was first and foremost a family and friends visit, since we hadn't been there since our wedding, two years ago. Here are a few glimpses of our month there, and I'll be back with another post with some tips for anyone that might be thinking of visiting the Holy Land.

at the marina in Tel-Aviv

this is a fruit shake, and the very first time Baby Boy successfully drank out of a straw, I guess it was worth the effort

in Zichron Yaakov, walking on the grass with his new shoes

his first ever (unhealthy) popsicle

his first piano lesson

meeting new baby friends

devouring M's and my favorite restaurant food (we dined there countless times while we were dating)

his first ever bath in a laundry basket; it was a very big success!

exploring the shuk (market) in Jerusalem

lots of pool time!

at the Western Wall

at the zoo


If I had to sum things up, the trip involved eating (lots of new foods), walking (he mastered the skill while there), and visiting (all our activities actually revolved around visiting people, but for their privacy I'm leaving all those hundreds of pictures out). It was an extremely busy month, but Baby Boy had an amazing time!

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