Monday, August 20, 2012

Diaper Free Before 3

I got this book when Baby Boy was right around 6 months old. I wanted to read as early as possible about healthy bathroom habits and how I could make potty learning easier for us. The first half of the book talks about the history of diapers and potty training. The author makes a great case for why earlier potty training is healthier for both the child and the environment. (Always a conspiracy with the this case diaper manufacturers trying to get kids to stay in diapers as long as possible).

The second half gives some ideas as to how to go about early potty training. This includes sitting the child on a potty from age 6 months onwards just to get them used to it, then putting them on the potty several times a day once they are in the 12-18 month range.

Overall I am definitely glad to have read it. I do have two main criticisms: The author is very anti-cloth diapers. It's obvious that she doesn't have experience with them and I found all the anti-cloth sentiments off-putting. Secondly, the method is a bit vague. I would have loved some more guidance and even more scenarios to know if what I am/could be doing is on track.

*So far we have Baby Boy sit on the potty once a day. Since we just got back from a long trip, we are going to stabilize our routine a bit more before moving on to the next step. Hopefully soon!

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