Wednesday, August 29, 2012

14 Months!

This was a big month for Baby Boy because he started acting a lot more like a Little Boy! The change was gradual but almost every day we kept noting how much you were changing. You got so confident walking and playing outdoors that you've become pretty gutsy and don't hesitate to "run away" from us if there is something more interesting somewhere else. Your favorite activities are playing in the dirt, with a ball, cleaning (wiping down whatever we just cleaned) or exploring anything that has wheels!

You still love music and demand that we put it on first thing in the morning. But you also learned how to turn on the iHome by yourself when we are in the living room! And if a great song comes on, you start shaking your booty in just the cutest little dance. You will also bring us the little remote so that we can change the song if you are less pleased with the selection- amazing!

This new little music skill shows us yet again just how much you understand! You are incredibly observant and have some great hearing. You like to bring us things and let us show you what to do with them, for example opening a cap, and then you sit and practice a new skill. It seems like everything is just so easy for you to master right now!

You notice the faintest bark from outside and immediately want to go find the dog making that noise. This has encouraged a new word: vamos! It sounds more like "mamos" but is often accompanied by either grabbing shoes and bringing them to us, and/or running to the front door and trying to pry it open with your little fingers. Of course you also use it just anytime you want to play outside, which is a lot of the time, or when we tell you we're going to go on a walk and apparently we take too long getting ready!

Our days are quite full of your non-verbal requests as well: lifting up your leg trying to climb us when you want to be picked up, reaching for the stroller when you want to go on a walk, bringing us a book you want to be read, reaching for the high chair when you want a meal, finding the snack cup (in the stroller or my purse) and bringing it to me for a snack, or walking into the kitchen and pointing for water, the fridge, or the counter (where we keep some snacks).

Speaking of all these requests, you have earned yourself the nickname "Food Exorcist" (coined by Autie A). True to form, when anyone is eating anything, you go and beg to have some. Your sounds of desperation make us pretty much relinquish everything to you. It's actually on the verge of annoying, but still mostly cute.

The other big word you learned to say this month is "no". You will now go to places or things you're not supposed to touch or play with, wag your finger, and say "no, no, no" in a sing-song voice. You definitely understand the meaning of the word, although obeying it is still hit-or-miss depending on how desperate you are to explore.

In the world of hygiene, we have finally gotten back on the potty wagon after vacation hindered our routine. You've been more and more willing to sit, and if we're playing and we offer you to go you will run to the stairs for us to take you. We're starting to think we should pursue this more aggressively soon, but haven't been quite ready to pull the trigger. You also started brushing your teeth this month and you LOVE it and get really antsy if Daddy doesn't start just as soon as you are out of the tub.

On the flip side, at the beginning of the month your 5th tooth came in (ouch), then you had a couple weeks where you decided to be shy (strange..for you), and most recently you've decided to throw anything and everything down the drain (annoying..for us). But even with all those, you remain such a smiley, good-natured, fun kid! You fill our lives with joy and we love you very much!

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