Monday, August 13, 2012

13 Months!

Full Disclosure: I had not planned on continuing monthly updates past the first year, but now I'm not ready to give them up. I guess I'll take it one month at a time and just see where it goes.

This month you mastered the art of walking. I can definitely say without hesitation that I have a full blown toddler now! It is exciting and tiring all at the same time! I love seeing how you explore and rediscover things that you only knew before from a lower angle.

We were traveling this entire month, but you were a trooper! We definitely had lots of sleep issues resulting in over-tiredness and extra brattiness, but you met so many people, visited so many places and just handled the changes with lots of laughs and smiles. When you were being good, you were extra cute!

Right on your first birthday, your two top teeth started coming in, and to compound all the changes, you were in quite a bit of pain as these two made their way through. On the flip side, you decided that you love eating whole fruits, and especially apples, now that you can use those teeth for some scraping action.

You tried lots of new foods- your first junk food and the allergenic stuff we were waiting for: milky, cakes, bamba (peanuts), strawberries, popsicles, ice cream, wafers etc. You also started consuming huge quantities of food; you're a growing boy!

You mastered a couple of extra skills: drinking with a straw, "cleaning" with an adult size mop (thanks to your new walking skills), and feeding us your food. You also perfected a couple others: fake laughing, to join the crowd when everyone else laughs, and picking up garbage on the street really fast (not loving this one). You had lots of extra Daddy time this month and it's really great how bonded you've become. We are just so amazed at what a cute, funny KID you're are turning into! Love you lots and lots!

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