Monday, July 9, 2012

Twelve Months

This month you took your first steps! Your very first motivation for letting go, was your desire for a lemon. You're not confidently walking yet, but you will take some steps on your own between furniture and we finally got you some shoes so that you can practice when we're outside as well. You're very strong, crouching and standing up and down with no problem.

Your bag of tricks continues to increase; this month you learned how to high five! We also showed you how to talk on the phone, and listen to music through earbuds. So now every time there's a phone you put it up to your ears and start talking to us, and when there's a little walkman around you put the headphone to your ears so you can listen! We are just amazed by how fast you pick everything up.

Overnight you learned how to stack rings, and soon after you mastered screwing on caps on bottles. Then out of nowhere, you stole a spoon and began feeding yourself. You are asserting your independence more and more and now want us to teach you how to do everything yourself. You try to imitate everything, and especially cleaning with a a rag or squeegee!

Speaking of music, that is the thing you request most: you point to an iHome or radio and go "hmm, hmmm". Then you begin to dance as soon as it starts. Pointing is your favorite method of communication right now. Everything from which food you want from the table, turning on lights or fans, opening the window curtains so you can see outside, finding dogs or just taking you somewhere you can't reach yourself, gets a point.

You love wind and blowing: everything from our little hand air pump to fans gets you really excited. You've always loved ceiling fans, but now that you know about standing fans you always request that we put one on for you. You know that on hot food you need to blow air as well, and always help out with a "fhooo", whether it is on your food or even Mommy and Daddy's coffee.

Last month you made your first animal sound- the buzz of the bee, sounding more like "bvvvvv", and inspiring your bee themed birthday party. This past month you added the woof of the dog- "hoooof". Speaking of dogs: you are obsessed! Anytime you hear a bark you start looking for the doggie. You love love love your stuffed dogs and you have two of them- a daytime dog, and a night time dog that you sleep with. It's gone so far, that one of your favorite activities is to find the neighborhood dogs or go to the dog park.

Your current vocabulary consist of a consistent and intelligible "ba-bye", a "mmmma" call for your mommy, and some combination of agua and mayim for water. It sounds like "awa" or "bam" or "awam". We also get the occasional "ba" for your daddy and "grrrrr" which means goal (the one you hit the soccer ball into). Funnily enough, the intonation perfectly mimic the announcers' goooooooooooooooooooooool. This is not surprising, since you LOVE kicking the ball and can do it over and over again with your funny sitting crawl!

You are absolutely the most huggable, snuggable baby ever. You snuggle up with stuffed animals and give big strong hugs to your parents. We love cuddling, and we love You very very much! We most certainly won the baby lottery with you and your wonderful, friendly, easy-going and lovable personality. We can't wait for all of the adventures to come!

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