Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last Little Nuggets- Mexico City

We devoted a couple of days in Mexico City, to the Centro Historico and the area around the Alameda Central. There's plenty to see and if I could give only one tip, it would be this:
Take a baby carrier!

Almost all places required us to store the stroller (when we had it) along with most bags. Mexico City is full of museums (such a nice change for us), and of course we barely grazed the surface with our visit, but we did come upon two very enjoyable ones:

The Museo de Arte Popular- full of handicrafts and folk art from all over Mexico
The Museo Mural Diego Rivera- the main piece is one huge mural

our guide

Both were small enough that it was easy to keep Little N interested. With that I am wrapping up the trip recaps. To end, I'm going to lay out a summary of our itinerary. I found it difficult to find an itinerary we could easily follow with the kiddo, taking into account a variety of activities and short attention span, and in the end ours worked out really great.

Day 1- Coyoacan (Frida Khalo house, Leon Trotsky Museum, etc)
Day 2- Bosque Chapultepec (Anthropology Museum, Park- Zoo, Castle)
Day 3- Centro Historico (Cathedral, Templo Mayor, Palacio Nacional)
Day 4- Teotihuacan
Day 5- Alameda Central (Bellas Artes and museums see above)

Of course there is a lot more to see and do, and eat, but we got a great overview. Happy Travels!

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