Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eleven Months

This was a month of tricks; it seems that every couple of days you learned a new little skill and you've been so happy to show off for us. We started with getting consistent slobbery kisses, moved onto waving, learning to bang and finally clap. What a happy day when you just started clapping spontaneously of joy!

You've been cruising all over the house, and popping up to a stand at any and all occasions. You started to stand without holding on, and then doing your little tricks standing up: clapping and most impressively playing the tambourine; it was just the day after you picked up the tambourine and decided that you knew how to play it all on your own, without us ever having shown you, and we were impressed!

You also started climbing up the stairs. We're not sure when you learned this since we never let you try any earlier, but as soon as you were close to the stairs you knew exactly what to do. You want to reach everything and so you've started getting up on your tippy toes if something is just out of reach. It is the cutest little thing to see! You also took your first ride on the swing and loved it!

You've started putting toys in the box not just taking out. Your favorite game by far, though, is playing with the ball. You will throw and run after it over and over, and you love playing "catch" with us. We taught you a little song about putting your hands up, on your head, and clapping and as a result you love to impress us by putting your hands on your head- it elicits a smile every time! You also still love, love, love being outside and especially playing in the dirt.

This month we also started putting you on the potty once a day. Within a couple of days you had figured out that you need to pee before we go into the bath, and you've been doing great ever since.

More and more, you're speaking in a little monologue. You love to imitate sounds that we make and it definitely sounds like you're talking much of the time. Your favorite sounds are oooo or dooo or da. We still don't want to designate a "first word" since everything has been so haphazard, but you're consistently calling out Mmmmmmmm for your Mama.

You've made your Mommy very happy by finally discovering how fun it is to flip through books! And on almost all occasions you like to have two items in your hands, preferably both in the same hand, and you keep them with you as you crawl or cruise around. This, and so many of your other little quirks, keep your Mommy and Daddy amused and loving every moment with you!

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