Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trompo Magico Trip

A few weeks ago we finally made it to Trompo Magico, an interactive children's museum. Baby Boy absolutely loved it! There are different section for different aged kiddos, and we mostly hung out in the baby area. Little N loved the different shaped mats and balls in the gymboree type area. Then we went to the "grocery store" where the kiddo went shopping like the older kids. It was amazing watching his little mind process everything that was going on. We joined our friends that were playing at the bubbles station, and Baby Boy practiced his blowing= fooooo. We ended with a short lunch and headed back home for a much delayed nap. The visit could not have gone any better, and we look forward to going back many more times!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last Little Nuggets- Mexico City

We devoted a couple of days in Mexico City, to the Centro Historico and the area around the Alameda Central. There's plenty to see and if I could give only one tip, it would be this:
Take a baby carrier!

Almost all places required us to store the stroller (when we had it) along with most bags. Mexico City is full of museums (such a nice change for us), and of course we barely grazed the surface with our visit, but we did come upon two very enjoyable ones:

The Museo de Arte Popular- full of handicrafts and folk art from all over Mexico
The Museo Mural Diego Rivera- the main piece is one huge mural

our guide

Both were small enough that it was easy to keep Little N interested. With that I am wrapping up the trip recaps. To end, I'm going to lay out a summary of our itinerary. I found it difficult to find an itinerary we could easily follow with the kiddo, taking into account a variety of activities and short attention span, and in the end ours worked out really great.

Day 1- Coyoacan (Frida Khalo house, Leon Trotsky Museum, etc)
Day 2- Bosque Chapultepec (Anthropology Museum, Park- Zoo, Castle)
Day 3- Centro Historico (Cathedral, Templo Mayor, Palacio Nacional)
Day 4- Teotihuacan
Day 5- Alameda Central (Bellas Artes and museums see above)

Of course there is a lot more to see and do, and eat, but we got a great overview. Happy Travels!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Funday

During certain times of the year it's really easy to get a walking group together. We have a fantastic foresty park nearby with a 5K walking trail that is just perfect for starting off the day. The problem is that at certain times of the year, it is so hot that no one want to go early enough to beat the heat (myself included). When May rolled around, our walking group disintegrated once again and I was left to occupy our mornings.

I find that the key to a great week with Baby Boy is a great start and lots of activities outside of the house. And so Monday became Funday. Every week we go out for several hours, usually combining an errand or two with something that Baby Boy really loves, like playing at the park or people flirting at a busy coffee shop (it's like people watching, but Baby Boy likes to flirt with the ladies at the shop). I try to make lots of walking for myself so that I can get some exercise in as well and we're usually both content and tired by the early afternoon.

Do you have a weekly Funday too?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Climbing the Pyramids

On our trip to Mexico City, we had to visit the pyramids of Teotihuacan. We were excited to be outdoors and see such an impressive location! It was just as amazing as we had hoped, despite the holiday crowds. It was quite the trek between the pyramids but definitely worthwhile.

  • It is super hot there and there is no shade, so: sunscreen, and lots of it, is a must!
  • Also, water! Take plenty of water with you!
  • And snacks! While they let lots of souvenir vendors in, there was a serious lack of food.
  • Comfortable shoes, should be obvious, but they weren't to the lady with 4" heels in front of us.
  • A baby carrier: again, should be obvious, but you are climbing up tall and narrow steps; there's no stroller friendly passageway.
  • Lastly, read up before hand since there's very minimal signage. We were glad to have been to the Anthropology Museum beforehand where we learned all the relevant history

Monday, June 18, 2012


One of the very first dates I went on with M, we met up at a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shop. I was at my parents place for the weekend and borrowed my Mom's car to drive 15 minutes to the next town over for our meeting. M was doing a volunteer program figuring out if he wanted to be a doctor, and walked the 30 minutes from his place to the mall. Why am I mentioning these transportation details? Because like many in a brand new relationship we talked and talked until the coffee shop closed at 1 a.m. We walked down to the mall parking garage only to find the garage closed and my car locked inside! The lot was run by the city, and therefore closed at midnight. We called the emergency number, but alas, were told I could have access to my car at 7 a.m. the next morning.

By this time there were no more buses running, and we didn't even have a key to M's apartment because his roommate had taken his copy to his late night shift. We walked across the downtown for 45 minutes in order to retrieve the key, and then 45 back towards his apartment where there was one mini camping cot. It was an adventure; it was nuts. We had to get up very very early to walk back to the parking garage to get my car and return it to my Mom before I had to leave town. All that to say, we have a special place in our heart for the Coffee Bean.

How amazing was it, after a long day in Mexico City, that on our way to the metro we came across one of their locations? So we took Baby Boy inside to check it out, and he most definitely approved!

The End

Thursday, June 14, 2012

At the Museum

Our second day in Mexico City, we went to the Anthropology Museum (on the metro). It was super impressive and we all enjoyed it. Baby Boy was very interested but would fuss if I kept him in one spot for too long, which M was quite happy about since it meant I couldn't dawdle. That same day we also went to Chapultepec Park and got a free Domino's pizza (because it took over 30 minutes) from the zoo!

Tip: There is a serious lack of food options around the park area. If you, like us, are not a fan of snacks and food carts, I would consider packing a lunch with you.

M went in on his own to get the pizza because we didn't want to have to deal with putting our stroller and all our stuff in the paqueteria (coat check) and having to rent an umbrella stroller or carry baby boy. Meanwhile Baby Boy and I sat around in the shade and observed the commotion.

Tip: If you want to go to the zoo, come with your own umbrella stroller.

By the time we had finished up lunch, it was too late to visit the Castle, and so we decided to take a little walk along Reforma (the main street with walking trail in the middle) before heading back to the apartment.

*Sorry about the hiatus from trip recapping, I got caught up in some other stuff. One of my pet peeves is bloggers starting a series and never finishing it, so I try really really hard not to do that. I'll finish up the trip as quickly as I can.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Project Sleep: The First Year

When we last left off, Baby Boy had been moved to his own room and had miraculously stopped waking up for all but one feeding (that could be anytime between 1 and 5 a.m.). At ten months Baby Boy dropped his final night feeding. It also more or less coincided with the time he began to eat three substantial meals a day of solids, so maybe that does have something to do with it. Then again he also became a crawling, cruising hurricaine so perhaps he was just zonked.

I have found that he needs to have a few very particular conditions met to keep this up:
  1. eaten well during the day- skipping solids meals guarantees me a night feed.
  2. bedroom has to be at the right temperature- this means adjusting the window to be open just enough relative to how much clothing he is wearing.
  3. bedroom has to have enough light but not too much- we're using a 7 watt bulb in our nightlight and blackout curtains. If I forget to turn it on Mr. ScardyCat calls out for me in the middle of the night, and if the curtain is cracked I'm waking up a lot earlier than I would like.

a rare occasion these days: catching a sleeping picture

If one of those is off, I end up having to get up for a night feeding. Other causes for night feedings include: teething, thirst (when it's too hot), and milestones (like walking, ahem). Overall, though, I can't complain too much about the last couple of months. Fingers crossed that this continues.

A note about napping: My policy is not to fight about naps. I try to put Baby Boy down when I see his sleepy cues- slowing down, clumsiness, eye-rubbing, and whining. If I wait for a yawn, then it's too late. Currently he naps twice a day for 45 minutes, occasionally one of the naps will extend up to 1.5 hours, but never more. He seems to regulate the sleep hours himself, and sleeps less at night when he naps more during the day and visa versa. If we're out of the house, we just adjust as best we can.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bee Birthday Inspiration

Originally I was pretty against doing a bee theme for Baby Boy's birthday because it seemed so over-done. Then I realized that our friends and family don't read tons of blogs and haven't seen this theme. The bee is most definitely Baby Boy's favorite "animal" and the first sound he has made unprompted when he sees the bee on his little bug mobile. To reassure my decision, I happened to stop by the local version of a dollar store, Waldo's, and happened to see a little bee figurine, as soon as I showed it to Baby Boy he was in love. So bees it is.

We're going to have the party split up into two, so I want to keep things pretty simple. The plan is to have lot of balloons and a few key pieces of decor:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random: Summertime

1- I've lessened my blogging frequency, and this will continue for a little bit as we get ready for a big trip this summer. Yay! But, busy.

2- It is so so soooo hot here. Just had to mention it. We don't have A/C.

3- We're getting ready for little N's first birthday. It will be bee-themed, and I was going to post some inspiration I am using but we'll see if I have time.

4- It's photobook season. Mother's day, Father's day etc. I am finally all caught up minus a trip we took in 2008...need to get on that!

5- I started meal planning. Not sure why it took me so long but it is working out splendidly. If there is interest I might post a few recipes that Baby Boy has loved. His refusal to eat the same thing two days in a row was the impetus for it all, and he has been wonderful about trying out new things.

6- Several months ago I became an administrator for our local Mommy group. It mostly means I organize activities and we've started picking up momentum again and has been really nice and fun for Baby Boy.

7- Our baby is becoming a's scary and fun all at the same time. It makes me wistful for his babyhood until I visit my friends that have newborns and then I am so so so happy that he's as old and fun as he is.

Happy Summer!