Monday, April 9, 2012

Pool Play Date

We've had various play dates and various pool visits lately, but this one was the culmination of them both together. It was the absolute cutest! We keep thinking that if Baby Boy sees other kids crawl he might develop an interest in doing it himself*, but no dice. It was a splash-fest of fun!

*In an unrelated story, Baby Boy was playing with a neighbor kiddo on the grass in our coto (gated community). The ball they were playing with rolls away, so neighbor kid gets on his hands and feet and crawls over to get it. Meanwhile Baby Boy has to pivot around to use my leg to stand up, then grab my hands and have me help him walk over to where the ball was. By the time he got there, neighbor kid and the ball were long gone. So sad :(

**I've had this post in my drafts folder for more than a few days, and meanwhile the kiddo decided he does want to crawl after all.

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