Friday, April 27, 2012

Playroom Revamp

So like I said, our play room needed to be reworked. We had two big issues:

1) Baby Boy was picking at the textured walls and threatening to eat the paint. This is old Mexican paint and while we haven't had it tested I know it has bad stuff in it.

2) Baby Boy was crawling and threatening to destroy our house. So I need to somehow block off the play room so that he would have a safe area to play in.

The solution to the first problem involved us buying vinyl fabric and nailing it to the wall. Yes, Baby Boy has attempted to pull it down but so far so good, and no worrying about eating paint. While I originally wanted something more colorful, there wasn't any non-tacky pattern in stock, so we went with the plain white and maybe one day I will get around to drawing/painting on it. For now it is serving its purpose.

The solution to the second problem came in a furniture re-arrangement and a little creativity. After concluding that we would never find a baby gate big enough to close off the area, I decided to move one of the beds to the front end, and using the pack 'n play ball pit, closed off the area. If we turn the play yard ninety degrees then it's perfectly closed, but so far Baby Boy has not really attempted to escape, even with our small passageway.

To finish off the room we just added a few more floor tiles. It might not be the best looking area in our house and isn't quite as cozy as before, but it is certainly fun and functional and gets used every single day.

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