Wednesday, April 25, 2012

House Changes: Progress

I know that we already did a play room reveal, but when Baby Boy started crawling, the set up stopped working for us. And I know I already mentioned that M's office was becoming a nursery, but as we had it, the big desk was kind of in the way of making it an actual nursery. So we cleared out tons of storage to make M an actual office and went out to get supplies with three rooms on the agenda:

1) A functional office
2) A baby proof play room
3) A real nursery!

Here's the work in progress:

I forgot to take a real before picture of the storage room, but the "stuff" was twice as high as it is here. And yes, those are laundry lines which I used to hang diapers. They are no more.

All of our previously empty shelves and closets, now look like this- full to the brim with our displaced suitcases and boxes.

Getting some more floor tiles at Sam's and spending way too much because we bought all this other stuff while we were there. Baby Boy was not too interested in modeling for us.

Coming up: Finished rooms (mostly)!

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