Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Metro Ride

Our second day in Mexico City (the first we were in the car- and had to pay a police bribe to not get our car impounded because we were driving a foreign car in the morning hours...another story for another day. maybe). Where was I? Our second day- we took the metro! I personally love the subway, since I grew up outside of a big city, and I was excited to see how Baby Boy would react.

We had our stroller, which M carried down the stairs, and I carried Baby Boy. He was a bit bewildered and overwhelmed going down against a rush of people coming up, and seemed a bit disoriented at this new experience. He kept looking to all directions as we made our way to the platform. Once there he was a bit more relaxed, but looked slightly frightened as a train whisked by. The train ride itself was more manageable as the kiddo flirted with the other passengers, and the old ladies just ate him up!

For one of the rides we tried leaving him in the stroller on the actual train, but as it filled up and people cowered over him he got scared and we went back to having me carry him in my arms. All in all it was a success!

I know I said I would stop talking about transportation, so sue me. Now tell me, am I the only one that documents these little experiences in way too many details?

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