Friday, April 13, 2012

9 Month Road Trippin'

As I alluded to in my random post, last week we took a trip to Mexico City. I'm going to write the trip up in a few separate posts because there is way too much to talk about in one. So to start us off I thought I'd talk about the car ride.

The drive from Guadalajara to Mexico City is 6 hours on a pretty decent highway. Previously Baby Boy's longest drive had been to San Miguel de Allende, for a total of 4.5 hours driving time. So we were adding a decent chunk of time, at an age where Baby Boy wants nothing to do with being strapped into a car seat (or anywhere that can't let him move). Complicating the matter, was that we could not leave until mid-day, and had to make a 1 hour stop downtown before leaving town. Are you getting the hint that it might not have gone so well? Smartie pants!

checking up on the kiddo

All in all the drive down wasn't that bad. But, Baby Boy took a nap in the morning before we left the house, and another one during that one hour stop, meaning that most of the drive he was awake. When we did make stops, there was no shade to be found, and we didn't find any Pemex (gas stations) with a little rest area like last time. So the kiddo wanted to explore, we wanted to feed him and get going, and the situation didn't allow either of us to get what we wanted.

not feeding

The last hour and a half, was Baby Boy's bath time and bedtime and the kiddo was on and off crying, which is a lot of crying for our usually content kid. After the fact we discovered that he was sucking his thumb so hard, that he actually bruised the skin! To make a long story short, after a not super pleasant ride, I got to wake up 4 times during the night so that Baby Boy could catch up on his missed feedings!

this one breaks my heart: helpless

On the way back, we learned from our mistakes and did the following:

1- Leave early, so that there is plenty of time for stops! Also, most babies are more tired in the morning, so that means there is a higher likelihood they will nap on the way.

2- Plan for many stops so that the kiddo can stretch out and play. (After enough play time, Baby Boy was also willing to eat).

3- Babies like to have snacks on the road just as much as adults. We found Mum mums to be the least messy.

4- Try to arrive at your destination before bed time, this way you can work your normal routine and get a better night's rest.

The way back was significantly easier for all of the above reasons. But enough about driving, next post I'll talk about what we did! Do you have any other tips for a road trip with a crawling baby?

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