Tuesday, March 13, 2012

San Miguel de Allende (with a baby)

A couple weeks ago we took a trip to San Miguel de Allende. The car ride was fine- about 5 hours including one long stop for a feeding/diaper change/play time. We ended up leaving a lot later than planned and got in town late but Baby Boy was happy to accompany us on a late dinner.

in the Ergo carrier, all weekend long

The following morning we walked the town, touring the landmarks, with Baby Boy in the Ergo Carrier. The kid was a trooper, and even though it got a little hot for him on M's back, he didn't complain and let us see the sights almost at our old (childless) pace. I should note, that the cobblestone streets meant that we didn't even take the stroller out of the trunk the whole weekend; it just wasn't practical.

at El Jardin, the main plaza

We saw the usual sites: the cathedral, the plaza, the museum. M was happy to have a "buffer" at the museum so that he could just sit around and not feel guilty, and I was happy to be able to read through the descriptions, so it all worked out. We climbed up a pathway to see the viewpoint, enjoyed the local park that was less than optimally shaded, and loved the botanical garden outside town.

appetizer of puffs until the food came

The gringo retirees that lived there loved to "chat" with Baby Boy, and I was pleasantly surprised that all the restaurants we went to had high chairs for him, which meant we could enjoy our meals. He got to try frijoles and rice and bread along with some fresh veggies and it was a big success.

upscale Mexican food, yum!

Our only mis-managed aspect was that the hotel didn't have a bathtub. One night he showered with me, and that was a slippery mess. The second night we bathed the kiddo in the sink and he made sure that all the water ended up on the floor. Oh well. Luckily he slept ok in the pack 'n play, and was able to make up some of his missed sleep hours on the drive back to Guadalajara.

at El Chorro botanical garden with lots of cacti

All in all, I would definitely recommend San Miguel as a child friendly tourist town. (Although if your baby is too heavy to carry, but not quite old enough to walk independently, it might be a bit more difficult).

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