Friday, March 30, 2012

Nine Months

We are three quarters of the way to your first birthday- unbelievable! Physically you have continued to get bigger and stronger. You keep trying to stand whenever there is something to pull up on, and if we hold your hands you walk to get to your desired location!

Independently, you move all over the place, although you have no one method of getting around since you're not exactly crawling. You finally rolled back to front and now twist and move in all directions. This means that you can re-adjust at night and are sleeping a lot better because of it (but sometimes also a little worse).

You developed a serious affinity to citrus fruit starting with the day you stole the Mexican lime off the table. You are cautiously adventurous with your food but once you have a taste you quickly decide if it is something you love or if it is more deserving of the floor. You love Mexican food but are surprisingly luke warm about avocados.

You have finally developed an interest in books and will sit quietly for a few short minutes while we read to you. You actively help us turn the pages and love books with little cut-outs and pages with different textures to pet. As a matter of fact, books have become a beloved toy, although they don't rank anywhere near the remote controls!

Last month you started exploring objects with your hands and eyes. You took a new object and rolled and twisted it in your hands until you were satisfied that you had figured it out. Only as a final step did you stick it in your mouth. This month you have continued with this and have also expanded to trying to pick apart the object to pieces. At this young age, you have already earned yourself the nickname "Damage".

You continue to improve your communication with us. More and more you are making new sounds such as "grrr", and you learned a great skill- waving to say hi and bye! Your sing-song noises sound like real talking and sometimes I think that I can almost understand what you're saying. You also are quick to let us know when we are not paying attention to you or have taken away something you want to play with by gearing up for your cry.

Watching you explore your surroundings is an engaging activity for us. You are a huge fan of figuring out cause and effect, making noise, and observing your surroundings. You are cautious and calm and the absolute cutest when you're giggling about our latest trick. We love you very much!

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