Monday, March 5, 2012

March?! (Random)

I can't believe it's March already! Here in Mexico, we've officially transitioned into summer time, or as I like to call it "Hot Season". While the early mornings and late evenings are cool, during the day the sun is bright and hot. It's exciting and tiring all the same.

Baby Boy is still waiting on his 8 month letter and I've been a bad blogger because I keep putting it off. Coming...

We took a trip out of town. It was awesome and tiring (see above re: heat). Another post coming...

Baby Boy has/had his first real cold. I think this is the tail end of the runny nose, but I'm ready for it to be over. We stayed home from activities like Baby Yoga and delayed some of his vaccinations. The cuddles were nice in the beginning but I'm ready for him to be better and to retire our Nosefrida. But we did some town exploration instead...

We got TV; well we got service actually. After more than a year of having an ever decreasing number of fuzzy channels because we canceled our cable service, we finally bit the bullet and contracted satellite. Installation was within one day. I wish I could stay home and just watch TV for a week now.

We are on schedule recovery now. Pray with me that the kiddo decides he's ready for a routine again, because I sure am. (And crazy what 2 nights off can do!) Also, laundry and unpacking.

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