Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eight Months

This month was a developmental explosion! You went from being obsessed with us standing you up, to figuring out how to pull yourself up to a stand! You also scooch around both sitting and on your tummy, albeit not very efficiently. When you get tired of "creeping" you flip over onto your back and then flail like a beached fish. It's an amusing sight.

You've started making tons of new and different sounds. You use different tones and volumes to express yourself and make sure we are paying attention to you. Our favorite sound, as of late, is "ababababababah".

Your favorite activities involves making noise. You bang your hands or various objects on the floor, on your tray or any other thing that will produce a sound. You adore your musical instruments, the jingle bells and the maraca and you have learned to move them to some sort of a rhythm. You delight in your ability to do this and we delight in feeding your obsession by giving you bean filled tins. An honorable mention goes to jumping in the jumper.

You have finally started to consume a decent amount of solids since you figured out how to take actual bites of your food and not just gnaw at it. And while you're still lacking a bit of finesse, you can pick finally up those little puffs and transfer them between your hands before they disappear into your mouth.

You also now consistently answer to your name- or rather look up, and you can burp yourself which is a welcome development. You are still the biggest flirt around, flashing huge grins to any smiling stranger and especially to your mommy and daddy. All in all you really are the best baby we know! Love you forever!

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